Family Pet Photography

They say to never work with children or animals, but when it comes to the Wright family, they couldn’t have been more wrong!

Isaac and I had such a fun afternoon with the amazing Wright family. It is easy to see how in love Michelle and Justin are, and their gorgeous, energetic daughter, Mikayla is an absolute barrel of laughs!

Working with the two dogs, Rory and Tani, was definitely a challenge! While Isaac was snapping away, I was running around like crazy, making sure that I had the dogs attention (and also making sure that I looked silly enough so the smiles didn’t stop with the family).

Isaac used a Canon 5Dii with a 100mm F2.8L Macro and 17-40mm F4.0L. We spent a total of one hour in the afternoon (while the sun was setting) photographing the Wright family at their local dog friendly park.

We LOVE photographing families and find it even more fun when you bring your furry little family members along too!

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